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Friday, June 3, 2011

Out of the closet :)

Late this winter we heard a local farmer was taking an old house down....oh yeah, baby....our ears perked up. The farmer thought we were nuts,but told us we could take what we wanted. We aren't afraid of hard work, but I'm telling ya  THAT WAS HARD WORK. We took all the doors, most of the trim, 1 1/4 inch oak flooring from 4 bedrooms (it will be the flooring in our master bedroom this next winter!),  and a few other goodies.

one of our loads...

This is one of the rooms. I spent a bunch of time in this room (I didn't work as fast as my hubby). I even hurt my shoulder taking a stubborn piece of trim off that south window! I spent a bunch of time in that closet too. The shelves were made out of an old table! I wanted them ;) I didn't know what for, but knew they would become useful for something.

my pile of flooring and trim
Let me remind you, this is Iowa, and it was STILL winter. No heat, no bathroom, lots of mice, dirt everywhere......critters had lived here for a couple years. YUCK! But we did it and it was worth money spent, FREE is good....just some time----lots and we aren't done, still nails to pull, sanding/planing to do, laying the floor, finishing it...we ARE NOT AFRAID!

In that closet.....this wood, which in it's former life was a walnut table, made shelves.

peg to join leaves of table


old newspaper lined the "shelf"

date from a Minnapolis/St. Paul paper....Friday, June 30, 1911....a 100 years old!!!

SOOO Donna   at Funky Junk Interiors says to build a tote. WOW, that's what I can do with that wood from the closet. BUT, I have been busy.....this and working and being a Gramma :)

my brother's new Ikea kitchen needed drawers/doors!

I made a sign to sell (out of the trim from one of the doors)and some other stuff!

Click here to visit the store where I sell a few things.

Donna had awesome instructions and with some twist of my own....this

I even took the closet rod and it became....


I saw you looking....I'll show is the pond....

we did this last year---I'll tell you about it someday---we are already making an addition to it

back to the tote... a few pics of the process....I cut a shelf in half, one for each end and then I needed a pattern for the top....

my pattern was the top of this frame

a table leaf/shelf was ripped down for the sides

checking it all out
My hubby drilled the dowel holes, thanks Hon! I couldn't have held that drill for shoulder is still yelling at me over that nail and trim piece.

oops, that was a wild brad nail...Hon, grab the nail puller (he is an EXPERT at that)

My hubby also thought he was being cute helping with the pictures...I tried to grab the camera....

gluing the last side

it's beautiful :)

love it on my farmhouse table...after all, it's all made from a farmhouse table :)

Now if you have some extra time and know how to work one of these
My hubby's hand is still swollen from pulling nails out of this stack

that used to look like this stack

cuz, he seems to think we should have a garage for the vehicles and not storing wood :)

Soooo Donna thanks for the inspiration for the wood that came out of the closet ....heee,heee! I'm linking to your party

Funky Junk's Workshop Series

Hugs from Iowa,

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

sew many ways


  1. What a beauty! That toolbox is huge! And looks awesome by your pond. Well done!


  2. That is a gorgeous box! I LOVE the old newspaper on it! Great addition to the linky party!

  3. Free is good! Free wood is even better! Your floors will be worth all the effort; meanwhile your tote filled with snowballs is fabulous :)

  4. Great toolbox and what a good load of wood you have... I'm jealous!

  5. Apart from loving your toolbox & the fabulous timber .. I want a truck like yours !
    I drive a 2 door sports car & while its my pride & joy, its fair to say its completely useless for lugging timber !

  6. Wow! All that beautiful wood for free! I love the tote you made. Great job! Have fun with the renovations.

  7. wow! I <3 it all. I hope you do more posts on your pond. I want to make a pond at my new house really soon!

  8. I love that pond and that you find great deals at Kmart!! :)

  9. That tool box is amazing! I like your creativity. You did a great job. Thanks for such nice post.
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