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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I "HEART" garage sales.

I've been a garage sale-aholic for a LONG time! My hubby feeds my addiction....he goes with me :) We both love old things, things that don't have to be perfect, might need some repair or a lil paint.

 The Nester (click on her name to read more.) says "that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful".....
my house would be in big trouble if it did.

We have found some awesome is one of our best.

Glass and metal medical cupboard from a local dentist's office.
Last January Amy at Whisperwood Cottage drooled all over she is dressed for Christmas. Click on her blog name to read about it.

She is rather pretty.
It was really fruit basket upset around here, she had to go between the big 6 foot the buffet is banished to downstairs until My Bug gets married and moves...then she goes into her room. AND I have another space to decorate...already gathering things/ideas for there :) Trying to stay positive and be an empty nester :(

I never realized how difficult she is to photograph though....all that glass sure likes to reflect all that light.

On top of that medical cabinet are some more garage sale finds. As long as you are patient and have a mental list of what you would like...well, this is what you can find and you don't have to pay antique store prices :)

The fan and typewriter ! The little urn and vase...course they weren't red when I spotted them. Add a little Rustoleum spray paint in Colonial Red and black glaze and ta, da... they fit right in. The aqua vase had a little spray paint too. Wouldn't want it to feel left out. Don't stand still too long in our house, you might get some spray paint on you!

Even the door trim boards ....found many years ago at a garage sale, fits in....I stenciled America on moved with us.

 Right beside the cupboard is a bench I found last summer. I had been to their sale the year before. They had cute things, but more dollars than I usually spend. BUT last year they were moving....YEAH for me. The prices were REALLY good. I bought this bench (he talked me into it, he was sitting on it in the driveway).
A new cushion cover and pillows were added .....she was dressed in some really bad blue.

 In my craft room is a cupboard that the gentleman built for his parts, nuts and bolts, and stuff---40 years ago. The drawers were painted this awesome green, labels, and METAL, the inside of the drawers are metal...fantastic! the fronts are wood! $10....yep ten dollars! Now, it was just plain old plywood around those neat drawers, so I painted it black. AND yep it had a couple drawers missing. I cut some 1/4 inch plywood and made shelves, painted black and you would never guess they aren't supposed to be that way.
It holds a ton of crafty things ;)

AND as we were loading up, she took us in the garage, emptied this and GAVE it to me

It originally was a display for seeds. He used it for garage storage. It had some battery goo on it and nails sticking out....little cleaning and's absolutely perfect for craft paints!!

At another sale was this beauty. I painted it and turned it upside down.... it was homemade, supposed to sit on the floor. Yeah, I have it hanging on the wall....more craft storage :)

Let's move to our bedroom....let me introduce you to Smoke....

She had been in a fire. Her glass doors were broken and she SMELLED!

She was scrubbed, stripped and stained. Isn't she pretty? I love her with her doors off. I even got to meet her original owner....she used to sit in her kitchen but was moved to her son's where he had a fire :( Smoke had been moved to the donkey shed.....yeah, RESCUED and RESTORED!!! She's not perfect and neither is her restoration, but she's pretty and USEFUL! PS. She doesn't smell anymore, but we liked the name Smoke---go Tony!

Hanging in our bedroom is this old porch fret work....$5....I. LOVE.IT. and I look at it every night.

LOOK....more work to do...that ceiling needs to be stained!

Now, sitting in the corner of our room, not hooked up yet....gotta do that wood floor our latest find and MOST expensive. For $200 is a gas stove and all the piping....never hooked up before....on our mental list, but never dreamed it would be at a garage sale....

Won't she look pretty on wood floors? She'll provide us with a cozy warm room on a cold Iowa winter night!

The same day we found the stove, we found 6 wooden, matching, old chairs for the farmhouse table my hubby gave me for my birthday...I had imagined mismatched painted chairs, but these are SO pretty....they'll be staying just the way they are!

Now let's go outside.....

This picture is filled with garage sale goodies :)

  • 1. blue glider----$10, just needed some welding.
  • 2. blue chairs---so long ago, the coat of paint I gave them is peeling off--PERFECT!
  • 3. potting bench---FREE! it was the end of the sale :) it's a homemade workbench that I added the wooden crates too (different garage sale) and a broken screen door.
  • 4. orange stool---yeah, it wasn't for sale, till I talked her into it ;)
  • 5. white urn, wire shelf, window, flag, wooden door (I made the sign out of it.) , some plants, and more!

  • Notice the metal piece by the glider. I got her two years ago when Amy from Whisperwood Cottage was in Oronoco, MN!

and looking north....a new, old yardlight...$3!

SOOOO, it does take time....but it's usually time spent with someone I love. You need to have cash in hand, but deals are there to be made. You should take the pickup OR like The Bug and I did ---go back and get it :)
AND I almost forgot....the number one garage sale rule

"You have to hit 10 duds before you hit a good one!"

Not all my garage sale finds are big though....most of my "treasures" are little and have I mentioned that my beautiful grandbabies are dressed to the nines in garage sale finds...yeah, baby....that saves on the budgets of all!

You WILL find things! Just remember you can change things up....


Bringing Smoke home...I told ya she was rough, didn't I?....she was in a fire after all.
That little picket fence jumped in the truck too. She lines my flower beds now!

And here is this beauty still sitting in her former garage sale...waiting to come home with me....but look at the stuff that needed to be moved out of her!

Come RAIN or snow or sunshine...ya better be ready to look for your find.
Mike and Frank have nothing on Hubby and I....we LOVE American Pickers, even been to their shop twice. We "heart" our picks.

Thanks to The Nester  (click for more nesting tips) for saying it's ok to be "not perfect" and to Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick (click for more thriftiness) for saying it's ok to save money while decorating and Donna at Funky Junk Interiors (click for more junk ideas) for saying it's ok to be rusty and fun and pretty all at the same time!.....I'll be going to garage sales for a LONG, LONG time.

Hugs from Iowa,

So many people have great finds...look at Rhoda's weekly party.....Rhoda's Thrifty find party, click here to visit

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

I'm joining a "Newbie Party" cuz I can! Click here to visit the party! at Debbie-Debbiedoos.


  1. i LOVE it all!!! what great finds!

  2. wow, you've got some fantastic finds there! i LOVE that medical cabinet, those legs are fab. and that old radio on top, too. i love how one of a kind your space is from all your garage sale finds!

  3. Fabulous stuff! I love the storage piece with all the little drawers! And how cool is it that they just GAVE you the other piece?!

  4. You have so many fanstastic treasures! I love them all. When I spy something at yard sales, something I really am going to love, I get all jittery, can't talk and now at my age, have a hot flash. Does any of that happen to you? The thrill of the hunt, the joy of a bargain, the beauty of it all... may we keep sailing into yards forever.

  5. That was the best post I've read in a long, long time! So many fabulous finds and I loved the stories that went along with it! Whew! I almost feel like I went out on some of those trips with you!
    I'm lolling that if you sit still around your place you may get spray painted! Happy Weekend ... I wonder what you will find??? jules

  6. OK, my LOL-ing got auto corrected to lolling. I'm laughing, not lolling. i don't even know what lolling is. Maybe I AM lolling! Oh goodness! jules

  7. Want the medical cabinet! Those are SO rare and so SO beautiful! Fun stuff!!

  8. I LOVE that dentist cabinet! What an incredible find. I also love your little "chest" of drawers. I'm a big garage sale-alcoholic too. I may need a treatment program ;)

  9. Okay you had me at "I heart Garage sales!" I too am a little addict....hubby gets me and my daughter is starting to get me! I collect dishes, and I have collected just about everything in my home from yard sales and flea markets (no one believes me)
    Treasures abound at your house!! I am going to follow so I can see what else you find!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Can you find some cool dishes and send them my way!!

  10. Glad you joined. You really scored big time here. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  11. I think you and I could be bad influences on each other!

    I love finding others who enjoy the hunt and your 10 duds, 1 winner is soooo true :)

  12. What great finds!! All your treasures are awesome. I am garage sale junky too. It's just so much more fun and cheaper than antiquing or thrift stores. :)


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